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On-Site Material
Reaffirmation of Christian Faith on 16th Birthday
Ten Keys to Being a Better College Youth Minister
[Full Text Article]
Parents and the Youth Ministry [Full Text]
Distinguishing the Basics [Full Text]
Becoming Known as a Friendly Person [Full Text]
How to Develop a More Powerful Testimony Presentation, PDF

Dreaming Big Dreams - Prayer/Worksheet for Youth
WordPerfect format
PDF format

Off-Site Resources
Alabama Baptist Student Mministry
EGAD! Ideas
Beyond Belief to Convictions, Josh McDowell
Youth Ministry: Lifeway
Group's Youth
Youth Specialties Freebies
Youth Workers Idea Station
Winkie Pratney
Movie Ministry
David Nasser Outreach
Student Life
Sonlife Ministries
Dick Staub: Where Belief Meets Real Life
Upward Basketball

Especially for Collegiate Ministry
Free Speech on Campus
Let's Get Ready for College
BP: Study looks at college age church dropouts
LifeWay Podcast: 7 Out of 10 Drop Out of Church Between Ages 18-22   Firefox Users
BP: Study shows need of collegiate ministries
BP: How we can help teens stay in church

Individual Articles
LifeWay: The 21st Century Teenager
LifeWay Podcast: Logged On and Tuned Out  FireFox Users
CT: Top Ten Fears of Our Youth Before you build a youth ministry team When you have to remove a volunteer Motivating Volunteers in Your Church: A Twelve-Point Checklist Biblical Principles For Achieving Kingdom Education
BP: Federal religion guidelines for public schools
BP: 'Knowing,' not 'becoming,' the culture
BP: Youth mission trips impact entire church
BP: Most church youth programs spiritually shallow
BP: Love can't wait in ministry to youth
BP: Not just business as usual
BP: Postmodern challenges for youth ministers
BP: Teens attracted to truths of Christ through relationships
BP: Youth ministers must prepare for long-term commitment
BP: Culturally different, teens yearn for love, acceptance
BP: Limits - A parental necessity
BP: Listen to their cries
BP: Teens communicate if parents listen
BP: missionary kid seeks a friend

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