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Special Sections & Sites
Westminster Seminary: The Truth About Da Vinci Code
Midwestern Seminary: Da Vinci Conference
(17 sessions in audio)
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary: The Da Vinci Code: Is Christianity True?
Dallas Theological Seminary: Current Topic: The Da Vinci Code (20 topics in audio and video)
Da Vinci Code, Apologetics, NAMB
Biblical Foundations Da Vinci Resources, Andreas Kostenberger
Da Vinci Code
Focus: Jesus and the Da Vinci Code
LeadershipU: Da Vinci Code Special Section
Campus Crusade: Jesus and Da Vinci: Who Was Jesus, Really?
The Da Vinci Opportunity, Mark D. Roberts
RBC Ministries: Da Vinci Code-Separating Fact from Fiction
Christian History: Da Vinci Code Special Section Discussing the Da Vinci Code
Focus on the Family: Know the Truth
Sony: Da Vinci Code: The Dialogue
AOM Special Section: Debunking Dan Brown's "Fact Based Fiction"
Preachrblog: A Lutheran Response
US Conference of Catholic Bishops: Jesus Decoded
The Da Vinci Code News (blog)
emergesque (blog) - Da Vinci Code resource list
Baptist Press Articles on The Da Vinci Code

Specific Da Vinci Code Issues: Free Articles

How to Approach the Subject
Talking in Code - How to Prepare for Da Vinci Discussions, Hugh Hewitt
How to respond to The Da Vinci Code, Lee Strobel
The Da Vinci Code Movie--- Are You Ready to Rumble?, Ben Witherington
How to Read 'The Da Vinci Code'
Da Vinci Code movie provides ‘apologetic evangelism’ opportunity
Begin preparing for ‘The Da Vinci Code' movie, Phil Boatwright
LifeWay: Discussion Starters: Debunking The DaVinci Code
Dick Staub: Screwtape On The DaVinci Code, Eric Metaxas
Study shows what public believes about The Da Vinci Code

Ben Witherington on the Film
Jeff Miller, Trinity Bible Church, Richardson, Texas  MP3  PowerPoint  MS Word (zipped)
The Da Vinci Code: A Myth of Christian Origins, Andreas J. Kostenberger
Craig Blomberg, Denver Seminary, Review
CT: The Da Vinci Code's Ancient Heresies
Probe: Decoding the Da Vinci Code, Michael Gleghorn
Watchman Fellowship: Da Vinci Code: The Facts Behind The Fiction
Deciphering 'The Da Vinci Code', Al Mohler
AIG: The Da Vinci Code: Secret hidden truth?, Alex Williams
LifeWay: 'The Da Vinci Code': A Brilliantly Crafted Deception
Envoy Mag: A Critique of The Da Vinci Code, Part 1, Carl Olson & Sandra Miesel
Envoy is a journal of Catholic apologetics and evangelization
Envoy Mag: A Critique of The Da Vinci Code, Part 2, Carl Olson & Sandra Miesel

Da Vinci Code Inaccuracies, Alan Branch (PDF)
Four big lies of The Da Vinci Code, Alan Branch
The Top 10 Errors Found in 'The Da Vinci Code'
Westminster Seminary: Author Dan Brown - How does his research stack up?
The 'Browning' of Christian History, Ben Witherington Brown uses forgeries to prove 'Jesus' bloodline', Richard Abanes
Not InDavincible, James Patrick Holding, Tekton Apologetics Ministries
Dismantling The Da Vinci Code, Sandra Miesel

Was Jesus Married?
Was Jesus Married? Answering the New Gnostics, Al Mohler
Was Jesus married?, Darrell Bock
Was Jesus Married? A Careful Look at the Real Evidence, Mark D. Roberts
Was Jesus Married?, Alan Branch (PDF)
Mary, Mary, Extraordinary, Ben Witherington
Was Jesus married?, Westminster Seminary
Focus: Was Jesus married to Mary?

"The Holy Grail"
The Holy Grail?, Westminster Seminary
RBC: The Holy Grail

Jesus' "Bloodline"
SEBTS: Daniel Akin, Responding to The Jesus Dynasty by James Tabor
Did Jesus found a Dynasty, Part 1, Ben Witherington
Did Jesus found a Dynasty, Part 2, Ben Witherington
Did Jesus found a Dynasty, Part 3, Ben Witherington
Did Jesus found a Dynasty, Part 4, Ben Witherington

Is Jesus God?
Is Jesus God?, Westminster Seminary
Was Jesus Divine? The Early Christian Understanding, Mark D. Roberts
How Can We Know Anything About the Real Jesus?, Mark D. Roberts
Focus: When did Christians first start to believe that Jesus was the Son of God?
Early Church Leaders on the Deity of Christ Before Nicea
The Council of Nicea, Don Closson
Dan Brown and His Fiction of Renown, James White
The Uniqueness of Jesus

"The Sacred Feminine"
The Sacred Feminine - What is it?, Westminster Seminary
Dismantling The Da Vinci Code, Sandra Miesel
Book Review: The Da Vinci Code, by Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Did the Gnostics worship the Sacred Feminine?
RBC: Goddess Worship

Gnostic Gospels?
Is the Bible true?, Westminster Seminary
Lost Books of the Bible - Are They Real?, Westminster Seminary
'The Da Vinci Code' - Welcome to the Battle!, Erwin Lutzer
The Gnostic Gospels and the Canon of Scripture, J. Ed Komoszewski and James M. Sawyer
Why the 'Lost Gospels' Lost Out
CT: Why the "lost gospels" were really lost
Did Constantine Embellish Our Four Gospels?
The truth about Constantine and the canon, Ben Witherington
What is Gnosticism?, Mark D. Roberts
Focus: The Gnostic Gospels, Jesus and Mary
Why is Gnosticism Popular Today?, Mark D. Roberts
BP: The Da Vinci Code & the new Gnostics, Alan Branch
The Gnostic Matrix, Don Closson

The Gospel of Thomas
Thomas Gospel Tizzy , J.P. Holding
The Gospel of Thomas, Westminster Seminary
Focus: The Gospel of Thomas

The Gospel of Judas
SEBTS: Daniel Akin, Responding to 'The Gospel of Judas,' pdf
The Gospel of Judas: A Villain Rehabilitated?, Andreas J. Kostenberger
Review, Craig Blomberg
The Gospel of Judas et al., Part 1, Ben Witherington
The Gospel of Judas et al., Part 2, Ben Witherington
The Gospel of Judas-the NPR Discussion, Ben Witherington
The Sad Truth About Judas, Ben Witherington
'Gospel of Judas' is heresy & unreliable history
The Gospel of Judas, Al Mohler
The Gospel of Judas, Mark D. Roberts
Probe: The Gospel of Judas
The Gospel of Judas or Hugh Hewitt is a Democrat Operative!
The Judas We Never Knew
World Mag: Return of the Cainites

Is the New Testament Reliable?
Antiquity and Reliability of the New Testament Gospels, Mark D. Roberts
Are the Biblical Documents Reliable?, Jimmy Williams
The New Testament Canon: When, Why and How?, M. James Sawyer
The Christian Canon, Don Closson Articles on the NT Canon
"There Is No Compelling Reason to Accept the Books of the Bible as Special" True?

Sources to Read Church Fathers & Pseudo-Christian Writings for Yourself
CCEL: The Early Church Fathers
CCEL: More Early Church Fathers
Early Chirstian Writings
ICL: Guide to Early Church Documents

Is The Resurrection Historically Accurate?
Two questions unbelievers often ask about the resurrection, Lee Strobel
The Resurrection of Jesus, Apologetics, NAMB

Focus: Who was Constantine?
Focus: Did Constantine choose the Gospels?
So the divine Jesus & infallible Word emerged out of a fourth-century power-play? Get real

Christian History Magazine: Nicaea Issue
Focus: What was the Council of Nicaea about?
Westminster Seminary: The Council Of Nicaea- What Really Happened?

The Places in The Da Vinci Code
Focus: The Louvre
Focus: St. Sulpice
Focus: The Temple Church
Focus: Westminster Abbey
Focus: Rosslyn Chapel

Art in The Da Vinci Code
Art, Truth and 'The Da Vinci Code' — Separating Fact From Fiction, Fred Sanders
Dan Brown’s Last Supper and Leonardo’s, Lisa DeBoer
RBC: Art & Symbols
RBC: Leonardo Da Vinci

Opus Dei
Opus Dei, Westminster Seminary
A response to The Da Vinci Code from the Prelature of Opus Dei
US Catholic Bishops: Opus Dei
US News: Fact & Fiction on Opus Dei
Newsweek: Decoding Opus Dei
Chris Matthews: A day in the life of an Opus Dei supernumerary

Priory of Sion & the Knights Templar
Priory of Sion, Westminster Seminary
LU: Crash Goes The Da Vinci Code (scroll down for Priory of Sion)
The Knights Templar, Erwin Lutzer
Audio: Da Vinci Code and the Knights Templar, Mike McMullen
Priory of

Sermons Addressing Da Vinci Code Issues
Sermon Central: Sermons Addressing Issues in The Da Vinci Code
Da Vinci Series, Brian Bill, Pontiac Bible Church
Did the Church Lie?, Darrell Bock (pdf)
As One Who Serves, N.T. Wright

"The Defense of the Faith" Sermon Series
Steve Scoggins, pastor, First Baptist Church, Opelika, AL
Can I Trust the Bible? (pdf)
Why the Resurrection is Important (pdf)
Removing Hurdles to Becoming a Christian (pdf)
The Case for the Divinity of Christ (pdf)
Is the Church Down on Women? Real Story of Mary Magdalene (pdf)

Derek Gentle: Series in PowerPoint & PDF
Is the New Testament Reliable? (ppt)   in PDF
Is Jesus God? (ppt)   in PDF
Was Jesus a Married Man? (ppt)   in PDF

Streaming Videos

NAMB: Apologetics - Seminar, PPT, & "Essentials" short video
Dallas Theological Seminary: Current Topic: The Da Vinci Code
20 topics in audio and video
Lee Short Videos
All 12 minutes or less. Presenters incle Srobel, Mike Licona, D. James Kennedy, and Erwin Lutzer
The Da Vinci Code Debate
Dr. Darrell Bock, Dr. Michael Brown, & Rabbi Shmulley Boteach (free registration required)

Jerry Johnson's Da Vinci Series
Pinpointing the Discrepancies in the Novel: Contending for the Faith
The Gospels vs. The Da Vinci Code: How We Know The Gospels Are True
Jesus vs The Da Vinci Code: Proofs Jesus Is Who He Said He Was
Archaeology's Amazing Affirmation of Scripture vs The Fiction of The Da Vinci Code
The Role of Women in the Church: How We Know Jesus Wasn't Married
The Curious Warning of Wolves: False Teachers - How To Detect Them
Sermon Notes in pdf (scroll down)
Alternate Video Link (scroll around)
First Family Church Home Page

Free Audio

Series & Collections
Midwestern Seminary: Da Vinci Conference
10 sessions in 2005 Conference; scroll down for 2006 conference (7 sessions)
Deciphering the Da Vinci Code series, Darrell Bock & others
12 sessions; related PowerPoints available for download, Northwest Bible Church
Bible Answer Man-Hank Hanegraaff
Radio program interviews
Campus Crusade: Da Vinci Code: A Quest for Answers, Josh McDowell
Audio book; select brief segment by topic Discussing the Da Vinci Code
Free audio, scholarly articles, & some recommended commerical resources
Discussing the Da Vinci Code, Lee Strobel Interviews
Quick Answers to 15 Questions; 1-hour radio special

Individual Sessions
Discussion at Southeastern Baptist Seminary
Panel discussion available in streaming audio & for MP3 download (Right Click & SAVE AS)
Duke Divinity School: Da Vinci Code Discussion

April 25, Duke professor Richard Hays and UNC prof Bart Ehrman
Breaking The DaVinci Code, Darrell Bock
Was There a Plan to Suppress "Secret" Gospels?, Craig Blomberg
Was There a Conspiracy to Concoct a Divine Jesus?, Craig Blomberg

Free Books / Book Samples Online
The Da Vinci Code: Is Christianity True?, Andreas J. Kostenberger pdf, 23 pages
Manuscript: The Da Vinci Code: A Quest for Answers, Josh McDowell
(zipped pdf file, 128 pages)
Chapter 1: The Da Vinci Code: A Quest for Answers, Josh McDowell
(zipped pdf file)
Da Vinici Code: Separating Fact from Fiction
RBC Ministries (pdf file, 32 pages)
The New Testament Documents: Are they Reliable?, F. F. Bruce
Order Free Da Vinci Code Profile from Watchman Fellowship

The Gospel According to The Da Vinci Code, Kenneth Boa & John Alan Turner  Read Introduction
The Gospel Code, Ben Witherington III
The Da Vinci Codebreaker: Easy-to-use Fact Checker, James Garlow, Timothy Paul Jones, April Williams
The Truth Behind the Da Vinci Code: A Challenging Response, Richard Abanes Or from LifeWay
Cracking The Davinci Code by James Barlow and Peter Jones
The Da Vinci Deception, Erwin W. Lutzer
The Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction, Hank Hanegraaff & Paul L. Maier
The Gospel According to The Da Vinci Code, Kenneth Boa & John Alan Turner
The Da Vinci Code: A Quest for Answers, Josh McDowell
Breaking the Da Vinci Code -CD Audiobook, Darrell Bock
Josh McDowell's Apologetics Works
The Da Vinci Hoax: Exposing the Errors in The Da Vinci Code, Carl E. Olson, Sandra Miesel
Very comprehensive, Catholic perspective.  See companion web site

Free Handouts
CT: 5 Big Questions from The Da Vinci Code

Commercial Curriculum
Willow Creek: Discussing the Da Vinci Code, Lee Strobel & Garry Poole
The Da Vinci Code: A Quest for Answers, Josh McDowell
Probe: Redeeming the Da Vinci Code
Probe: Decoding The DaVinci Code MP3s (for sale)
Watchman Video: The Da Vinci Code Revealed: Know the Truth -for church use
Watchman Video: The Da Vinci Code Revealed: Know the Truth -for home use
The Da Vinci Code Deception DVD

Commercial: Multimedia Resources
Sermon Central: PowerPoint Backgrounds
Worship Images: PowerPoint Backgrounds
Sermon Spice: Josh McDowell Short Video Segments
(most under 4 minutes, 1 free sample)

Commercial: Outreach Tools
Outreach: Di Vinci Code Outreach Tools
The DaVinci Code: Fact or Fiction?
Evangelism 6-pack, Hank Hanegraaff & Paul L. Maier
Answers to the Da Vinci Code Pamphlet

Outreach Events
The Da Vinci Code Outreach Event

It's A Hot Topic: Secular Coverage
US News & World Report: Jesus in America
Order ABC News Story on Nightline

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