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What They Didn't Teach You in Seminary

Baptist Terminology... Perhaps you were called to the ministry in a non-tradtional church or while in college, and now you have been called to a more traditional church and need to learn your Southern Baptist lingo.

Glossary of Southern Baptist Lingo

Conflict Resolution... I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out, or was it church business meeting?

Keys to Resolving Conflict (Roy Edgemon interview)
CD Label     More Interviews
Church Unity, Church Health Section
Help for Hurting Ministers Section

Correspondence... You're surprized at how many letters you are sending out - and you are having to compose so many letters from scratch. Here are some sample letters from

CPV: Pastoral Letters (ZIP: 85 sample letters in Word)

Crisis Management... A major scandal or a great tragedy has come to your church. It's not your fault, but you have to guide your church family through the problem and deal with the media.

BCM Inc: Articles on Crisis Management

Culture Shock Country Style... You grew up in the city and now you serve a country church... what do you do need to know?

Rural Church Blog

Funerals... Quick! Someone has passed away and now you need to know what to say at the memorial service.

Funeral Resources
Book: Ministering to the Mourning, Wiersbe

Pre-marital Counseling... You fully affirm the value of premarital counseling, but now what do you discuss with the engaged couple?

The Bible Speaks to Marriage Workbook (pdf)

Promotion... You know how to conjugate rare Hebrew verbs, but you don't do that every week. What you do e-v-e-r-y single week is promote! Here is information about advertising and promoting church events in-house.

CPV: Total Church Communication Planbook
CPV: Ten-Minute Guide for Marketing Your Church
CPV: Putting the Zing in Your Brochures
Book: Church Communications Handbook
Secular Book: Guerrilla Publicity
Secular Book: Guerrilla Advertising
Secular Book: Guerrilla Marketing Handbook

Small Church... Perhaps you were a member of a large church growing up and attended large churches while in seminary, but now you serve a small church. How do you best serve in that environment?

Impact 2008: Audio, Small Church Conference
RCB: Helps for the Small Church

Sunday School... You had courses in small groups and cell groups, but your church has a Sunday School. How to make it work.

Sunday School, Church Health Section

Tax Preparation for Ministers... Am I an employee or self-employed? How do I even begin?

Guidestone: Minister's Tax Resources
Arizona Baptists: Ministers' Tax Seminar

Wedding Ceremonies... You know about the Biblical view of marraige, but someone has asked you to perform their wedding ceremony...

Wedding Ceremony Planner (pdf)

Books... Books that cover several of the catogories listed on this page that are worthy of your consideration

The New Guidebook for Pastors
Criswell's Guidebook for Pastors