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Church Relocation

Relocation for Your Church?
Articles on Relocation
Helpful Books
Space Study
Presenting to Your Church
Architectural Firms with Resources
Alternatives to Relocation

Is Relocation For Your Church?

Book: Going Places with God
31-Day Devotional Guide for Churches Considering Relocation
Fourth Edition, Current as of February 2, 2008
A brief appendix in back with additional helps

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* For more information about the devotional guide
* For extras - additional materials not in the book
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Relocation Manual for Pastors
Current as of February 2, 2008
PDF (1.58 MB, 79 pages)
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The Relocation Decision Process on 1 Page

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Articles on Relocation

Ed Stetzer: Addressing a Changed Location by Relocating the Congregation
The Eleventh Commandment by William M. Easum
Thou shalt not love thy buildings more than thy God
Strategic Planning & Relocation brochure, Glenn Akins (pdf)
Things to Know Before You Build by Dan Reiland
Reasons Not to Build by Dan Reiland
Relocation Cautions by Gary Nicholson
(This is an old brochure; Akins is now at the Virginia Baptist Mission Board)

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Books on Church Building Programs (Helpful in relocation)

Book: Building Momentum: Leading Your Church to Plan and Build Effective Facilities for Ministry by Gary Nicholson
Book: Planning & Building Church Facilities by Gwenn E. McCormick (has chapter on relocation)

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Space Study / Guidelines for Space

Excel Spreadsheets to Help You Evaluate the Quantity of Your Space
Complete the parts labeled in blue. The spreadsheet will do the rest. This is only a tool to assist you based on general rules of thumb. You will have to take into consideration any special circumstances you may have in light of LifeWay's Rules of Thumb, shown above.
Spreadsheet: Sunday School Capacities
Spreadsheet: Worship Center Capacity
Don't have Excel? Download OpenOffice. Calc will work with these files & is a free download
Article: What You're Looking for in a Space Study
Article: Balanced Space

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Presenting Relocation to Your Congregation

Upset that Your Church is Considering Relocation?
Ground Rules for Discussion pdf
Motion to Purchase Property (FBC, Tallasee)
Questions about Relocation (FBC, Tallassee)
Motion to Relocate, FBC, Tallassee

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Architecture Firms with Resources for Churches

LifeWay Church Architecture
Foreman, Seely, & Fountain

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Alternatives To Relocation

Relocation Alternatives on 2 Pages

Dual Sunday Schools
Dual Sunday Schools
How to Plan & Conduct Multiple Sunday Schools

One Location: Multiple Congregations
Different congregations meeting in the same buidling, Ed Stetzer

Create a Multi-Cultural Church
Create a true multicultural church, Ed Stetzer

Multi-Site / Multi-Campus
Multi-Site Revolution
Should Your Church Go Multi-Site?
The Multi-Site Church by Dave Ferguson, Leadership Journal

BP: After merger & growing pains, New Seasons envisions growth

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