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Sermons & Bible Studies
Bob AuBuchon: Cross Words, The 7 Last Words of Christ series
Bob AuBuchon: Easter Sermons
David Dykes: The Extreme Love of the Cross, Luke 23:44-49
David Dykes: The Place of the Skull, Luke 23:26-38
David Dykes: Three Cross-Roads, Luke 23:33, 39-43
David Dykes: Hallelujah! What a Savior! Isaiah 53:3-6
David Dykes: The End of Your Grave Problems, Luke 23:5024:12
David Dykes: Its Not the EndIts Just the Beginning! Luke 24:3-53
David Dykes: On the Road with Him, Luke 24:13-35
David Dykes: Thumbnails of Truth, I Peter 3:17-22
George H. Morrison: The Offense of the Cross
John Piper: Easter Sermons
Ray Stedman: The Way to the Cross, John 18:1-19:3
Ray Stedman: He Endured the Cross, John 19:4-42
Ray Stedman: The Incredible Hope, John 20:1-18
Ray Stedman: The Awful Penalty, Mark 15

On-site Materials
Forsaken: What did Jesus Mean?
Jesus is the Lord of Life
The Significance of the Resurrection
Jesus is the Only Way

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The Offense of the Cross
The Curse of the Cross
The Significance of the Cross
Experience the Cross
The Triumph of the Cross

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Therefore! The Difference the Resurrection Makes, 1st Cor. 15:58

Theologically Speaking
James P. Boyce: The Atonement of Christ (book chapter)
J.L. Dagg: Jesus Christ as Priest (book portion)

Biblical Terms
Atonement: Holman Bible Dictionary
Atonement: ISBE
Atonement: Vine's
Cross, Crucifixion: Holman Bible Dictionary
Cross, Crucifixion: ISBE
Cross, Crucify: Vine's
Expiation, Proptiation: Holman Bible Dictionary
Expiation: ISBE
Propitiation: ISBE
Propitiation: Vine's
Ransom: ISBE
Ransom: Vine's
Reconcilation: Holman Bible Dictionary
Reconcile, Reconciliation: ISBE
Reconcile, Reconciliation: Vine's
Redeem, Redemption, Redeemer: Holman Bible Dictionary
Redeemer, Redemption: ISBE
Redeem, Redemption: Vine's
Sacrifice, Offering: Holman Bible Dictionary
Sacrifice in NT 1: ISBE
Sacrifice in NT 2: ISBE
Sacrifice: Vine's

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