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Help is There for You
LeaderCare Helpline & Contact Info
Offices to Help Hurting Ministers, listed by Baptist State Convention
LeaderCare Retreats
From Focus on the Family's The
Troubled With...
BP: 'Wounded Heroes' tell of crisis & redemption

Crisis Management
The Five Stages of Crisis Management, Jack Welch

Ministers' Spiritual Struggles & Growth

Leadership: Beating the Pastoral Blues
Leadership: How to minister at a healthy pace, John Ortberg
CT: The Gift of Rebuke - How I learned to take (and give) correction
4 Types of Friends Every Pastor Needs
CT: The Art of Self Leadership - Your toughest management challenge
Leadership Journal: Why Am I Angrier than I Used to Be?
The Sin of Murmuring
Trials of the Spirit [MS Word]

In PowerPoint
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Nehemiah on Leadership: Series in PowerPoint
Journey Out of Bitterness
When It's Not That Easy: Anger
When It's Not That Easy: I've Suffered a Serious Blow
When It's Not That Easy: I Feel Like an Outcast
When It's Not That Easy: I Feel Overwhelmed & Depressed
When It's Not That Easy: Becoming a Church That Heals
Clay Pots, Great Glory

Beating Burnout & Discouragement

LJ: Time in the Back of the Boat
LifeWay: Making a Day Off a Priority
CT: A Good Day Off
CT: What's a "Significant" Ministry?
5 Guidelines for a Successful Sabbatical
Low or No-cost Retreats for Ministers
4 Ways to Stay Fresh in Your Ministry
How to Tell if You are Depressed

Conflict Resolution

Peacemaker Ministries
LifeWay: Top 10 Predictable Times for Conflict in the Church
BP: Conflict a certainty, not always bad
BP: Types of difficult people
BP: Conflict needn't cripple churches
BP: Mediation gains popularity to save churches in conflict
BP: Study ways to turn conflict into victory

Someone's Trying to Run You Off

Biblical Insights into Enemies
CT: My Worst Year in Ministry - six strategies for facing the worst
CT: 7 Steps to Better Conversations with Tough Talkers
SBCLife: "The Dirty Little Secret" - a lack of harmony between pastor & church

Forced Termination

LifeWay: Reasons for Terminations
LifeWay: Student Ministers: How to Survive a Forced Termination
LifeWay: Avoid the Top 5 Reasons for Pastoral Terminations
BP: Forced termination, depression

Finding Your Next Church

10 Factors to Consider Before Leaving Your Church
Preparing a Ministry Resume That Gets Attention by Guy Futral
Should You Accept a Call to a Transitioning Community? How to start well as a new pastor
How to Develop Relationships in Your New Church
Set Yourself Up for Success in Your New Church
5 Principles for Good Relationships With Your Church Family

Interim/Transitional Pastoral Ministry

LifeWay: The Ministry of the Transitional Pastor
LifeWay: The Transitional Pastor Ministry

Ministers' Family Life

CT: Marriage Makeover - How a bad ministry marriage went good
LifeWay: Peace in the Parsonage
LifeWay: 10 Questions a Pastor Should Ask His Wife Every Year
LifeWay: 7 Ways to Strengthen Your Home Life

Ministers' Wives

LifeWay: Ministers' Wives - Battling Bitterness
LifeWay: Ministers' Wives - 3 Keys to a Healthy Ministry Mindset
LifeWay: Ministers' Wives - Ways to Enjoy God-Given Friendships
LifeWay: A Peace of My Mind - Encouragement for Ministers' Wives
LifeWay: Ministers' Wives - Sharing the Journey
LeaderCare: Ministers' Wives Helps for You
When the pastor's spouse doesn't meet church's expectations.

PK = Preacher's Kid

BP: PK stands for preacher's kid
BP: Be Kind to PK's
BP: PK's pain & joy in a fishbowl

When Sin Preys on the Pastorium

CT: One Pastor's Struggle with Internet Pornography
CT: Pornography - Helps & Resources
XXX Church