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Baptist Faith & Message for Online Bible

Download the Baptist Faith & Message Book Now (241kb)

This is a module or "book" for use with the Bible study program, The Online Bible. (That is the only program with which it will work.) It contains the numerous confessions used by Southern Baptists, including:

The 2000 Faith and Message statement (with accompanying Scriptures)

Other Confessions, below, are cross indexed to the articles in the 2000 BF&M:

  • The 1963 Faith and Message statement (with accompanying Scriptures)
  • The 1925 Baptist Faith and Message (with accompanying Scriptures)
  • The 1833 New Hampshire Confession (with accompanying Scriptures)
  • The 1858 Abstract of Principles, Southern Seminary
  • The 1994 Presidential Study Committee on Theology
  • The 1987 Peace Committee Report
  • The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy
  • Other materials on the Priesthood of All Believers, Last Things, and more.
  • This set of materials was collected by Derek Gentle and the index was compiled and formatted by Gary Gallant.

    Download the Baptist Faith & Message Book Now (241kb)

    Another excellent Southern Baptist resource you will find in the Books/Theology section at The Online Bible Software Site is:

    Abstract of Systematic Theology by James Petigru Boyce. (572kb) This is a complete book (493 pages) on theology by the founder of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Another Online Bible module compiled by Derek Gentle is Proverbs by Topics. The book of Proverbs is broken down into 38 topics plus two large sub-indices: "All the People in Proverbs" and "Cause & Effect: How to Get What You Want... God's Way". Free. Click on link for more information.

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