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The information on this page is provided for informational purposes only. It is a good thing to research our problems. No web site, however, can provide all the help that a person needs; it cannot ask questions or probe into a life issue. It cannot diagnose. If you find you have a need, don't be hesitant to seek trained help. It is not a sign that your faith is weak; the Scriptures affirm that life's solutions are found with humility and wise counsel.

LifeSkills: Signs of Abuse
Troubled With... Abuse, from Focus on the Family

Birth Defects, Parents of Child with
Bearing the Burden of a Child's Illness
When Your Baby Has a Birth Defect
Birth Defects (Congenital Anomalies)
Facts on Birth Defects
More Facts on Birth Defects

I'm Thinking About Killing Some People, LifeWay
I can't relate to my stepparent, LifeWay
I can't relate to my single parent, LifeWay
Peacemaker Ministries
Resources for Resolving Conflict
Forgiveness Forum
The Christian Mediation & Arbitration Service
Managing Conflict: Leadership Journal
BP: Types of difficult people
LifeWay: Dealing with Difficult People

Crisis Pregnancy
Troubled With... Unplanned Pregnancy, from Focus on the Family
I/My Girlfriend May Be Pregnant, LIfeWay
Scared You're Pregnant?
Crisis Pregnancy Centers Online

Troubled with... Depression, Focus on the Family
I get depressed often, LifeWay
I no longer want to live, LifeWay
My friend may commit suicide, LifeWay
Suicide Prevention Center
SAVE - Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
Troubled with... Self-image by Focus on the Family
I hate how I look, LIfeWay
I feel really guilty, LifeWay
Book: New Light on Depression

Divorce / Troubled Marriages
Troubled with... Relationships, Focus on the Family
Divorce Care
My parents are divorcing, LifeWay
Troubled with... Teens & Divorce, Focus on the Family

Gambling Addiction
Troubled with... Gambling, from Focus on the Family

Troubled with... Death, from Focus on the Family
Someone Close to Me Has Died, LifeWay

I feel really guilty, LifeWay

Troubled with... Pornography & Cybersex, from Focus on the Family
CT: Pornography - Helps & Resources (scroll down)
Pure Intimacy
XXX Church

Prison Fellowship

Troubled with... Self-image by Focus on the Family
I hate how I look, LifeWay

Sexual Issues
True Love Waits
Troubled with... Love & Sex, from Focus on the Family
I'm Tempted to Go too Far on a Date, LifeWay
Good News For Sexual Addiction
Christianity and Homosexuality Home Page
Exodus International
I'm afraid I have AIDS, LifeWay

Substance Abuse
Troubled with... Alcoholism, form Focus on the Family
Troubled with... Drugs & Alcohol, from Focus on the Family
Christian Recovery Connection
I might stop drinking & using drugs, LifeWay

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