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Mega Sites on Church Health & Growth
Derek Gentle's Blog: Disproportionate Impact
Gary Farley's Rural Church Blog
Courageous Churches, Virginia
Resources: Church Planting Village
Search for articles
The Barna Group
Building Church
Church Over 40
Church Multiplication Associates Article Archive
Dynamic Church Ministries

Bobby Gilstrap, Huron & Southeastern Baptist Associations, Michigan
Elmer Towns Online
E-Quip.Net: Online Training Videos, Arizona Baptists
Hartford Institute
Josh Hunt - Church Growth Articles
Leadership Network
LifeWay Research - Related Blog, Ed Stetzer
New Life Ministries
Off the Map Discussing evangelism
Outreach Connection Archives
Purpose Driven Church
Strategies for Today
Touch Outreach Ministries Online
Transforming Solutions: Newsletters by Edward Hammett
Rick Warren's Blog & Podcast
Rick Warren's Ministry Toolbox Archives

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Church Health

EFCA Church Health
The Characteristics of Healthy Churches and Pastors, by Terri Lackey
A Comprehensive Definition of Church Health, NOBTS
Emphasize church health, not church growth, by Rick Warren
What is the secret of church health?, by Rick Warren
Comprehensive Health Plan: Rick Warren interview
Rick Warren: Purpose-driven balance means more than technique
BP: Marks of a Growing Church By John Bisagno
BP: Structuring to Grow, Not Plateau, By Rick Warren

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Church Vision

Vision & Strategy, Building Church
BP: Long-term commitment by pastor called crucial in church change
BP: Stifled by Structure, by Rick Warren
How big is your vision?, Rick Warren
Why I Don't Set Goals, Jack Hayford
Mission Statement & Principles, FBC, Tallassee
Sermons Laying Out Vision for a Church A BSP Index

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Strategic Planning

How to Analyze Information (general article)
12 Key Strategic Steps for Leading Your Church by Aubrey Malphurs
Book: Advanced Strategic Planning by Aubrey Malphurs   From
1-Page Overview: Aubrey Malphurs' Strategic Planning Method
Malphurs Group: Article Archive
NAMB: New Church Strategic Planning Process
Study Your Church:
NAMB: How to Turn a Church Around: Church Revitalization (pdf)
Basically on strategic planning. From next link below...
Resources: Church Planting Village
Discerning Your Church's Hidden Core Values
Book: Mapping Your Church Strategy by Mark Marshall
Free LifeWay Downloads for Mapping Your Church Strategy
Path to the Future, strategic plan, FBC, Tallassee, 2007
A Mission to Fulfill, ministy plan, FBC, Tallassee, 2001

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Study Your Community

Growing Your New Church by the Numbers: Using Demographic Data
NAMB: Demographic Reports
North American People Groups
US Census Bureau
Neighborhood Demographics Report
Neighborhood Profiles, Yahoo
Zip Code Finder & Demographic Data
Zip Code Maps
Alabama Dept. of Transportation Traffic Volume Maps

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Turn-Around Churches

NAMB: How to Turn a Church Around: Church Revitalization (pdf)
How to Breathe New Life into a Declining Church, Steve Scoggins
LJ: Renewing Older Churches
LJ: Back from the Brink
LJ: Even Healthy Churches Need to Change
BP: ‘Breakout Churches’ model success against lethargy
BP: Health of Southern Baptist churches
Interview with George Barna on Turn-around Churches
Books & Videos at Christian
Comeback Churches: How 300 Churches Turned Around and Yours Can, Too, Setzer & Dodson
The EveryChurch Guide to Growth by Towns, Wagner, & Rainer

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Evangelistic & Outreach Emphases

Recruiting Season A BSP Exclusive

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Welcome Your Guests

BP: Too many church guests are ignored
BP: Churches must focus more on connecting with guests
First Impressions Team, pdf

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Sunday School Growth & Ministry

BSP: Preschool Class Self-evaluation Form (pdf)
BSP: Children's Class Self-evaluation Form (pdf)
BSP: Youth Class Self-evaluation Form (pdf)
BSP: Adult Class Self-evaluation Form (pdf)
BSP: Process for Moving to Dual Sunday School Flowchart
BP: Reaching Sunday School goals
LifeWay: Starting New Units
The 3D Sunday School - Free Booklet
LifeWay: Sunday School
LifeWay: Sunday School Articles by Topic
The Sunday School Page
Josh Hunt: Sunday School Growth
Study Your Space: A BSP Sub-index

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Ministry Teams:

Resourcing the Vision of Our Churches, Bobby Gilstrap (Team info at end of article)
5 Guiding Principles for Effective Ministry Teams, John Garner
5 Advantages of Teams over Committees, C. Gene Wilkes
Understanding the Fundamentals of Working in Teams
Not Just a Fad: Moving from Committee
to Team-Led Churches by Dr. C. Gene Wilkes

Characteristics of Powerful Ministry Teams by Chuck Allen
CMBC: The Leverage of One Team (overview)
CMBC: The Leverage of One Team, PowerPoint Right Click & Select SAVE AS
CMBC: The Leverage of One Team, PDF
Team Building - Fuller's Ministry Advantage Online
17 Observations on What Makes Great Teams Great
PowerPoint: Intro to Teams at First Baptist Right Click & Select SAVE AS
Moving to Ministry Teams
Identifying Your Leadership Style
Sharing a Leadership Role in a Collaborative Team by Ellen Isaacs
Working Collaboratively by Kelly Hall & Sherry Southard
Unleashing the Church Through Lay Leadership - Barna
Awareness of Spiritual Gifts Is Changing - Barna
Discovering our Spiritual Gifts by Rich Schoenert
Spiritual Gift Analysis

Ministry Team Materials in MS Word and PDF (On-site)
(Right-click your mouse and select Save AS)
How to Work Collaboratively one-page (pdf)
Team Leader Fact Sheet one-page (pdf)
Team Member Recruitment Sheet one-page (pdf)
My Ministry Profile (pdf)
How to Work Collaboratively one-page (Word)
Team Leader Fact Sheet one-page (Word)
Team Member Recruitment Sheet one-page (Word)
My Ministry Profile (Word)
Overview of Ministry Teams (Word)
with bibliography for this set of materials
Why Teams? (Word)
Team Leader (Word)
Team Task Directives (Word)
Bylaw Amendment & Effects on Present Structure (Word)

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Church Unity

Peacemaker Ministries
Keeping Conflict Healthy
BP: Conflict a certainty, not always bad
BP: Deacons should steer church members away from conflict
BP: Forced termination, depression top calls to LeaderCare helpline
BP: 'Wounded Heroes' tell of crisis & redemption
BP: Conflict needn't cripple churches
BP: Mediation gains popularity to save churches in conflict
BP: Study ways to turn conflict into victory
BP: Types of difficult people
What Pastors Wish Deacons Knew

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Planting New Churches

Church Planting Village
Podcasts: Church Planting Village
NAMB: Center for Missional Research
Planter Dude
Launch: Starting a New Church from Scratch
SBTS: Church Planting Resources (print, PPT, & audio)
Bobby Gilstrap: Church Starting
Monergism: Church Planting (Don't miss "Topics in this Category" links at top)

ALSBOM: Church Planting in Alabama
San Diego Church Planting Alliance
SBTC: Church Planting
The PCA: Church Planting
Redeemer Church: The Movement [Global City Church Planting]

YouTube: Tim Keller, Why Plant Churches, Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Handout [pdf] Church Starting 8 Barriers to Church Planting
BP: Study suggests new view of church plants
SBC Life: The Most Effective Evangelistic Strategy
SBCLife: Whatever It Takes How Your Church Can Be a Parent Church
SBTC: FAQ's for the Sponsor Church The 5/52 Church Start Funding Plan

Central Association, AZ: Church Planting Covenants, Forms, & Worksheets [pdf]
Central Association, AZ: Church Planting Covenant [pdf]
Central Association, AZ: List of Resources for Start-up (MS Excel)
Central Association, AZ: Procedures and Protocols, Church Planting [pdf]
Central Assoc., AZ: Start-Up Plan Worksheet (MS Excel)   Instructions for Worksheet [pdf]
Score: Template, Business Plan for a Startup Business [secular resource to get ideas]
DocStoc: Templates & Samples, Start-up Business Plans [secular resource to get ideas]

SBTC: PRIME Components The DOM's Role in Church Planting - The Bluebonnet Association strategy
BP: Church Planting Passion in Texas - Bluebonnet Association
Church Planting Process in Bluebonnet Baptist Association [PPT] Identifying Lostness (Identifying people groups among whom a new church is needed)
This Page: Study Your Community
Vimeo: Tim Keller, The City

Getting Ready for Church Planting, Tom Cheney [MP3] How to Know if Church Planting is for You, part 1, Calling How to Know if Church Planting is for You, part 2, Character How to Know if Church Planting is for You, part 3, Competency

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Church Administration

Church Administration Resources by Phil Van Auken
Administration: Leadership Journal
Ministry Advantage Online!
Administration Section: Lifeway
Ministry Staff: Leadership Journal
Ministry Section: Lifeway
Pastor's Role: Leadership Journal
Pastoral Care: Leadership Journal
Guidestone Resources: Planning Financial Support & More
The Personnel Committee & the Budget Process
Sample Church Staff Job Descriptions
Suite101: Free Online Business Courses

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Reasons We Closed Our Daycare

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